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Roman trattoria-style pasta in Vegas

While Chef Trees himself is descended from Jewish Austrian wine merchants, when he was growing up he spent a lot of time at his best friend Alfio’s house. “I love Italian food because of Alfio and his family,” says Trees. “That’s the food I grew up eating. My mom was always working and didn’t have time to make dinner, so whenever we were hungry we went to Alfio’s house. They’d be making lasagna or braciola, and pasta – there was always pasta. That’s my comfort food.” 

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“For years I’ve made the best versions of other people’s ideas,” says Trees. “If the boss said, ‘People won’t eat bone marrow or snails,’ we didn’t offer them. 

At Esther’s we offer two nightly specials featuring delicious dishes that are the unadulterated version of what I have always wanted to do.”